Its awfully risky to buy items from a stranger (and not an established shop) on the internet.

On 12/8/07, XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX> wrote:
> This is in regards to a craigslist post throughout at least 8 major cities
> in the US for a way below value Ford Escape.  It was posted all at the same
> date Dec 6 at about 6:30 PM PST.  I wondered if it was scam, but now I
> confirmed my suspicions with his response.  His next step will be to ask for
> funds to be mailed or wired to him.

> This is a brand new scam, I hope you post it fast to help others.

> Thanks,

> From: ritterjonny@aol.com [mailto:ritterjonny@aol.com]
> Sent: Friday, December 07, 2007 8:48 PM
> Subject: Re: 2003 Ford Escape Limited

> Hello,
> Sorry for the delayed response, but I’m in Glasgow (Scotland) right now and
> I have been very busy.Anyway,thank you for your interest in buying the car.
> The car is located in US right now and has US papers.Why is the price so
> low? I am here in Scotland with my new work and I cannot register the car
> here, as it is made for USA, according to USA standards. So all that I want
> to do now is to sell the car at this price, because I need to sell it fast(I
> already made a deposit here to buy me another).The title is clean and you
> will have absolutely no problems to register the car in the States.I will
> tell you a few words about the car..
> My 2003 Ford Escape Limited with automatic transmission it is in immaculate
> condition with 33,500 miles and have the VIN number: 1FMCU94143KC85329 ,
> rust free , no scratch and hasn’t been involved in any accident. The motor
> runs very well(6 Cylinders).The interior looks great(NO SMOKING).This car
> needs nothing,the title is clear ,it is not a salvage one. I want this
> transaction to go smoothly enough as I am caught in the middle of some very
> important events and have little time at my disposal. I already have tons of
> emails so I hope you understand that I need to sort them out.Here are all
> the photos of my car.
> The price is $2,940. THIS IS MY LAST PRICE.I will not negotiate the price.I
> will take in consideration only those buyers who are really interested in
> buying the car ,to be sure that I don’t waste my time with endless
> discussions.This way,I shall be assured of the serious intentions .
> For more pictures click in the link below:
> http://s257.photobucket.com/albums/hh233/johnritter1974/

> So if you are interested please email me back for next step.
> Regards !!
> John Ritter