When we found this website, we are confused with what this guy is trying to sell.

Firstly, this looks like another “Buy this, pay that, and I will tell you a secret to get rich”.

Secondly, we never trust websites with long pages of sales talk about some secrets, but without any details of the product. We are wondering if the products are as good as it looks:
He has intentionally created a lot of marketing rubbish in the webpage that you tend to miss the point of what the hell is he trying to do. We summarize the deal as follows (cut it short):

  • Pay $49.95
  • Get the Bonus above (some CDs and books that is overpriced and does not look interesting)
  • Get to submit an online application form to be screened (what if you fail the screening?)
  • Get unlimted access to free conference calls, business coaching, toll-free support (for what? I still don’t know WTF u are selling)
  • Get exclusive marketing opportunity. Like what? Any details?

Let me ask you this question: How does Robert Kiyosaki and Donald Trump share their knowledge? They sell their books in the bookstores at an affordable price. They don’t have to charge you “application fees” to join a club before showing you see their books that cost less than $20 each.

So is this guy saying that he is smarter than everybody else? So, if he knows a faster way to make money, why does he need to teach you this secret? Why can’t he do what he preach and get himself on Forbes list of billionaires?

We believe that this is definitely not worth the money. The only person getting rich is him. You can check this out here.