From the days of Snoopy and the Red Baron, there have been air battles between good and evil, in which our good side invariably had shots aplenty to deal with.

Through winning efforts, modern American fighter pilots have a watch and learn code phrase that creates winners. They learn to twist, turn, speed away, spin, then brake quickly or loop up and around until they finally watch their enemy combatant shoot past them in horror.

They must then quickly get him in line, fire massively, then spin away quickly just before his brothers are firing on you. If they are there in force, then you twist and swing wildly in their midst; then climb, circle, get free above the bee hive action down there, and go right down into it again after seeing what you see.

You are conducting the logical and scientifically proven way to defeat your enemy, even if he is in a superior craft. OODA, is your motto: Observe, orient yourself, decide, act. Do that quicker than him.

This sounds like heroic actions of ancient Greek warriors, defending a mountain pass, greatly outnumbered and having to use every skillful trick and maneuver to kill or be killed If you die in failure, it is your wife and children back in Athens depending on not being caught, mishandled, and sold into slavery.

Now the air dog fight has rather gone out of fashion at the present, more our side with space age jets being fired on by their ground to air missiles from isolated retreats. At any rate, you might want to remember their mental agility as well as their physically perfectly shaped bodies make them men among men, our chosen best, and they have a plan code.

Ancient warriors had to be agile and alert in the mountain passes of historical Greece to hold off the ever threatening armies of Persia. Alexander used his ten thousand to defeat one hundred thousand in this way, and more than 300 years before Caesar claimed this as his own master strategy: Observe, Orient, Decide, Act.

Observe: their rapid watch and into action behaviors have been described in corporate terms, as some of these pilots have applied their successful life saving, and killing, activities from the cockpit to the boardroom. So, I first have us listen to their talk, and then my comments will follow each of their technical talk; which makes me feel as if we are all computer chips.

As studies show, across most businesses, time spent to complete a service or fight a battle, and deliver to the customer is only a fraction of time spent in less productive ways to make this happen.

During the 95 percent of the time a product or service is not receiving value while in the value system, the product or service is waiting. The Observation: companies that attack the consumption of time in their value-delivery system experience remarkable performance improvements. To me that says that most systems, and most of us, could be way more efficient.

We will discuss this more until it sinks in with you and I: the basic best way as the Persian hordes are coming through the pass against you few, is to observe, orient yourself, decide, and act. Again and again, until only you select few stand.

Only then you can feel your children are safe and not to be sold into slavery. Motivation creates innovation and braves acts. We did it then, we can do it again. Come on, hordes. We have a plan. And a prayer.