Did you receive an email claiming to be from “aw-confirm@eBay.com” saying that you have an unpaid item?

If you have not purchased anything from eBay.com, do not click on any links on this email. Simply delete it.

If you have ordered something and received a reminder from eBay.com, please
1) Close that reminder email.
2) Open your Browser.
3) Type in eBay.com and login to your account. You can deal with whatever issues safely there.

What we have below is an example of an “eBay look-alike” reminder email:

eBay Pic

Never trust the links from such mail. What you “See” appears to be from eBay. But if you mouseover the link, it actually sends you to the following:

Its a FTP address containing the UserID: Administrator, and the password “herb”, which will automatically logs you into their server. After that, their webpage will be loaded up via your browser, and you will the this ne.html (eBay lookalike), which likely contains phishing scripts.

Whatever information you entered here will be captured by the scammers.