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Subject: Greetings From Agnes Savimbi/Please Reply My Son Urgently.

From: Mrs. Agnes Jonas Savimbi

Sub: This is top secret, keep confidential please my dear.


This letter may come to you as a surprise but I really prayed to God to help me choose somebody that will be my true partner, a person who has a fear of God that cannot betray my remaining family and me as I don’t even know whom to trust so I allowed the spirit of God to lead me.

I am Mrs. Agnes Jonas Savimbi, wife of the late leader of the National Union of the Total Liberation of Angola (UNITA) After surviving more than a dozen assassination attempts, my husband, Savimbi was killed four years later, in February 2002, in a battle with Angolan government troops.

Two weeks before he died, he called me and reveals the existence of US$9,000.000.00 (Nine Million United States Dollars) being deposited in a suspence account with the security firm in South Africa. This money was income accrue from the sale of Gold & Diamond.

When I heard the bad news of my husband’s death, his trusted aid moved me and members of our family out on hiding, but unfornately my elder son and myself were caught and place under house arrest. Luckily to us, my second son being sharp and clever has escaped through Zambia to South Africa where he reside as a political refugee. Now the problem he is facing their is that the labour of South Africa does not permit an asylum seeker (Refugee) the right to financial transaction. This was the basic reason why I decide to contact you, so that you will stand as the beneficiary of the funds, we are prepared to to transfer the ownership of the funds to your name.

30% of the total money goes to you, as a commission for your services, while 70% goes to my family, which we intend to invest, immediately we are being released from house arrest. I am assuring you that this transaction is risk free as we have put all the logistics in place to make it successful, all we need from you is your co-operation and sincerity of purpose.

You will be contacting my son on his details below for more  details on how you are going to assist us conclude this transaction. I will wait for your response through my son, thank you and God bless.

Name: Robert Kamara Savimbi
Tel No: + 27-73-560-6912
Email: rsavimbifamily@yahoo.com

In your email to my son Robert Savimbi, kindly forward to him the following:

1 You’re Full Name

2.You’re Contact (Home) Address

3.Your Telephone and Fax number

Thanks and may the almighty father guide us through.

Thank you.

Mrs. Agnes Jonas Savimbi.