We just received a complaint about the products purchased from this website at pandora-diy.com. What catches our attention again, was the fact that an online retailer does not have any physical address. On the other hand, they included a return policy in the website. A customer has more to share with regards to her case.

I have just been snookered by the internet site pandora-diy.  The scam is to promise authentic Pandora beads and bracelets at the very low price of 8.99-9.99 per bead.  They advertise that these beads are guaranteed authentic by their website and then when you order them, thinking you are getting a great deal, you have a package full of substandard fakes that aren’t even sterling silver. To further their scam, because they know that when you open the package, you will contact them, is to offer you only a fraction of your purchase price as a refund, In turn, making a huge profit, because they have just dropped off their garbage in your yard.  They will not give an address to which to return these items, insisting that you just keep the item, as if it is something of any value to anyone.  Furthermore,  once I began calling them out on their scam, they went in and changed the photos (and not quite all of them, I might add) to reflect the actual item that I received, that is in no way the item that was depicted in the photos when I ordered them.  Consumers BEWARE!!!!  Do not order from pandora-diy, ePandora, or other site claiming authentic Pandora that is at such a reduced price.  They are scamming you.  If you have placed an order with them, please cancel it and demand a full refund immediately.

Apparently, the website does not have any physical address:


We have dealt with procurement from Asia, especially China, and experienced in dealing with such sites. In another case, a vendor shipped the items to the wrong address and they have agreed to refund the amount. We are still helping to track the case.

How does a merchant expect experienced buyers like us to trust them when they don’t state a physical presence? We don’t have to conclude that this is a scam, we just need to say “We are not comfortable trading with you, you have to do more to justify that you can be trusted.”

Currently, we are still tracking this case. In the process of verifying, we have also found various complaints all over the web. If they are a genuine merchant and disagree with the customer’s complaint, we welcome explanations and follow-ups to close the case – we are not achieving anything simply by pointing fault at others and shutting our ears. We are open to your explanations but please don’t reply rubbish.