Warning, this is a scam email:


Date: Sat, 8 Oct 2011 21:39:04 +0100
From: meandyou200099@yahoo.co.uk
To: fmj.gov.nig@hotmail.com

Metropolitan Police Service – Working together for a safer London
The Metropolitan Police Service.
10 Broadway,
London, SW1H 0BG


We recently arrested a group of West African / Ghana, Benin and Nigerian Internet scam Artists in London and we have reasons to believe you have been one of their numerous victims. A thorough search of the laptop arrested with the individuals and their confessions during interrogation has revealed to us that you paid certain sums of money to these fraudsters. These individuals have been wrongfully informing a lot of people via email that they have huge sums of money to be transferred from a foreign bank account. Also, they have confessed to loan scam and Lottery scam and have been demanding money from innocent people for purported claims of the said money. They operated with a fake Bank and courier and a lot of people have fall victims to them in the past 3 years. They were arrested when they attempted to defraud an American citizen of US$1.2m by the FBI/ British Intelligence Unit and the Interpol working together to break the scam ring.

Our Investigation revealed that you paid out some money to these individuals over a period of time. We are happy to inform you that you can now claim back your money as well as your compensation. We have already initiated proceedings on your behalf with the West African / Nigerian Government to ensure that as a genuine scam victim, you will not only recover your lost money, but also you will be compensated for the financial and emotional stress you and your family went through because of the scam. Our Internal Audit Bureau has estimated that you are eligible to claim a total of US$250,000.00 from the Fraud Compensation.

Committee set up by the West African / Nigerian Government to ensure that properly identified scam victims are paid and adequately compensated from the US$3bn allocated compensation loan from the World Bank. This Fund is directly under the watchful eye of both the FBI/Interpol to avoid misappropriation or embezzlement of fund. The known assets of the Fraudsters has since be confiscated and their Bank Accounts frozen. At the conclusion of our investigations, their assets will be used to pay back for the cost of compensation to their victims to the Fraud Compensation Committee. Please contact the Officer below to ensure that your details are confirmed as being eligible to receive your compensation as soon as possible.

Mr. Ifueko Omoigui,
Executive Chairman, FIRS
Federal Inland Revenue Services
15, Sokode Crescent, Wuse Zone 5, Abuja
Tel: +234-09-6701467
Email:  fmj.gov.nig@hotmail.com

All compensation requests are attended to strictly on a first-come first-serve basis.

Jane Dowell
Public relations office.